Making New Years Goals Work for You

Entering into the new year means new goals and resolutions for everyone. However, not many people can see the difference between what goals and resolutions are. Goals are defined as a target you have which you determine what the possible specific outcomes are. A resolution is a promise made to yourself and can be said to be more of an open-ended goal without specific targets or outcomes.

With this better understanding of what a goal is versus a resolution, it is best to have specific goals when going into the new year as a way to have something to stick to being that goals are specific targets with specific outcomes. Goals can be better traced and outlined. But how do you determine what your goals will be?

Here are some tips on how to figure out how to set goals for the new year:

  • Schedule or Calendar in goals: Setting timelines and milestones will help establish even greater goals within your overall bigger goal to achieve. This practice will also keep you accountable for the progress you wish to make over a period of time. 
  • Set goals that make YOU happy: Develop goals that make you feel better about yourself and are not based on what others feel will make you happy. 
  • Create a specific plan: All goals or resolutions need some form of a plan; making sure to mold a plan that is easy for you to follow and stick with will make getting to the desired outcomes easier.


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