Important of Customer Reviews

Receiving customer feedback is always a great way to gauge whether customers are satisfied with your services or if there are areas to improve your business structure. Feedback, comments, and suggestions are some of the most helpful forms of criticism when done and received correctly. 

Customer reviews can also help persuade the buying decisions of other customers. If a review highlights the positive of a product or service, other customers will be willing to purchase the product or service based solely on the reviews of other customers. 

Reviews can also help your business reach high levels of visibility. Like other viral content, many businesses have been able to use the virality of customer reviews to their advantage to reach a larger customer base. 

Various ways to gather more customer reviews can include:

  • Offering an incentive: providing some form of incentive for providing feedback or comment will persuade customers to give a bit more effort in their reviews. Some examples of incentives could be providing a secret discount code or early access to new content. 
  • Use social media: Going over comments and tagged posts regarding the business can help see what customers think about your business. It will also provide an opportunity for customer engagement to correct the negative comment or feedback. 
  • Follow-up after purchases: Sending emails and/or SMS messages after a customer has made a purchase or after they receive the product can help with getting first impressions. Sending another follow-up email two weeks after the purchase can also bring the purchase full circle with having both a first impression review and an actual review of the overall product.
  • Ask: Simply asking customers to provide suggestions, feedback, comments, or recommendations after any interaction with your business website will help see what people think of your business. 

iMerchant systems can help assist in reviewing customer feedback along with business management systems created for seamless usage. Having the ability to review customer feedback on service within one dashboard along with other important metrics will be beneficial to your business.

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