New Years Resolution Ideas for 2021

2020 was, for a lack of better words, not the best year to try to stick with a New Years Resolution. For many, their 2020 list of resolutions was not completed or many even started. Great news! 2021 is another opportunity to get started or even to adjust that list for a more suitable list that will fit your new lifestyle. 

We hope everyone can give 2021 the good college effort after this hectic year. Here are some resolution ideas that can help get your creative juices flowing for a new updated and hopefully exciting list:

Start a list of positive affirmations – Having a list of affirmations can be a great positive reinforcement in daily life. Keep a positive packed list handy especially on the days where self-care is needed. Creating a list of affirmations can actually be a great start to a self-care day, hour, or moment. 

Start a new income source – Time to get resourceful! If you were able to find a new hobby during this time try to find a way to make income from it to support yourself or another idea you may have. 

Actually exercise and eat healthy – Get up and actually get it done. Meal prepping is easier said than done however start off with prepping one meal  then try to increase the amount of meal prepping as the weeks go along. Also finds ways to get a longer walk or even run fit into your day; start counting your steps each day as a good start. 

Try to budget more – With the stay-at-home mandates in many areas, we were basically put into a place where many of us had to learn how to budget. Now can we attribute that to our somewhat new normal lives for 2021?

Practice self-care more – We all can use a mental and emotional break after the year 2020 has handed us. Introduce self-care as a mandatory activity during the week as a way to better your mental and emotional health. 

Network! – This one is often spoken but seriously, network with others in your social and professional circles to see where you can land your next experience or even work opportunity. 

Be more organized – Maximize your space, clear out your spare room, donate old clothes or shoes, anything to keep you organized or tidy will help with physical, emotional, and mental space. 

Conquer a fear – possibly a road to becoming fearless or just a way to better deal with things that make you uncomfortable. Conquering a fear or fears can help with stress management and coping mechanisms. 


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