POS System with Total Solution Solves Your Restaurant’s Challenges

Your restaurant needs more than a great POS System or Suite of Restaurant Management Systems to thrive. You struggle to juggle the POS, the KOT, contactless ordering and payment management systems, order tracking, and third party delivery integration. Your life would be easier and your business more successful if you had a cloud-based one-stop solution. It should encompass all of your business processes and leverage big data to help you make sharp marketing decisions. Passfeed iMerchant maximizes these opportunities.

POS System

Contactless Ordering and Checkout in a Suite POS Systems

You are working to overcome the challenges of Covid-19. Also, you’re searching for a single solution that encompasses the big picture. iMerchant’s suite of cloud-based systems has you covered.

Menus for Mobile Devices

Forego Inefficient Single-Use Menus

Many municipalities have banned multi-use printed menus. For those areas where single use is permitted, you can save money while giving guests peace of mind. So, serve your menu directly to their personal mobile device.

No Need to Print, Update Immediately

From their seat, your guests can access your menu using a QR code. So, this feature makes you compliant with local regulations. Also, it also saves you money and gives your guest the comfort of knowing they’re safe. Finally, it allows you to update your menu instantly without the cost or trouble of printing.

More Useful Information for Guests

In these times, more people than ever are aware of their dietary restrictions. This makes communication about ingredients more important than ever. Therefore, using this suite, you have a greater ability than ever to give your guests all of the information they need to make the right choices.

POS System

Make Dine-In Ordering More Efficient

Faster Order Taking

Turning tables quickly is more important than ever in this market. Take orders faster to reduce the time a group is at table and reduce the idle time.

Safer Experience for Guests and Employees

You want to minimize interactions between your staff and guests to reduce the chance for infection for anybody. So, the best way to keep everybody healthy is to deploy a system that minimizes contact. This system gives you the opportunity to capture orders with as little interaction as possible.

Control Overhead Costs

There’s no need to hire more staff or schedule more hours. Besides, utilizing your existing crew can deliver the same volume faster and more efficiently.

POS System

Seamless Online Payment Processing in a POS System with RMS

The free Passfeed iMerchant POS app has tools to help you manage the financial aspects of your restaurant. Also, we provide your customers with an interest free payment alternative to drive repeat customers.

No Fee POS System

When it’s all said and done, the average cost of processing payments for U.S. businesses that do between $10,000 and $250,000 in annual payments volume is between 2.87 percent and 4.35 percent per transaction. With the Passfeed iMerchant payment gateway, you pay a 0% processing fee.

Seamless RMS and POS Integration

Having an all-inclusive approach to managing and running systems gives you more power and control. Integrating all systems into one handy solution will make your restaurant more efficient. Also, it gives you more time to plan for growth.

Payment and Billing Management

The Passfeed iMerchant platform serves as a Customer Relationship Management solution for your restaurant. It integrates with PassPay, the no-fee payment gateway module. It keeps guest information together so their billing information stays attached.

IOS and Android EPOS

Everything is conveniently located all in one app. With the Passfeed Virtual Wallet, PassPay payment processing, Passfeed Virtual Wallet, RMS and POS, it’s convenient for iOS and Android.

Kitchen Management and Ordering Integration

An automated ordering software connects app orders directly to the kitchen and POS system. It instantly generates a printed KOT ticket for the kitchen staff.

Built-in Multiple Management Modules

Loyalty Program and Discount Coupons

Passfeed iMerchant gives you the power of data to leverage information and fuel your marketing efforts. Whether you have a loyalty program or if you just want to remind guests you’re there, we have a fix for you.

Enhance Your Guest Experience Based on Data

Using this platform like a CRM solution, your guests’ data is collected at the point of sale. Thus, this data can be integrated with a loyalty program and guests can be individually tracked. So, using this data strategically can enhance and customize their experience.

Target Your Marketing Campaigns

You can target marketing programs around your guests’ buying behavior. Track what they’re eating and drinking, what times they visit, and more – which results in more successful campaigns.

Smart Inventory Mangement

Food cost control is just one component of inventory management. Control of inventory is closely related to accounting and food cost management. You can tightly integrate both the accounting system and POS to get a more useful and accurate look. Then, you can lower your cost of goods sold, better utilize ingredients, and minimize food waste.

Customer Service

Now more than ever, having guests feel like they’re a part of your family is integral to both their experience and their loyalty. Leverage the power of a customer relationship management platform to inform your staff’s interactions. You can do this face to face or via a smart marketing campaign.


Accounting drives you crazy. It takes up so much time. There are many integrative solutions on the market but, how can you make things easier? The Passfeed iMerchant suite balances your needs for efficiency, dependability, accuracy, and ease of use.

Order Management

Keeping up with your PARs takes up the time of many people on your staff. Also, order tracking for accuracy, keeping up with depleted inventory, tracking what you have in the walk-in – it just takes too much time. Lighten the load with an all-in-one suite that helps you estimate PARs and keep track of what you have on hand.

Floor Management

Balancing a great customer experience with the needs and wants of your floor staff is tough. Striking the perfect balance is hard on an easy day. Therefore, when you are equipped with big data, making the right staffing decisions on the fly is easy.

Moving Your Restaurant Forward

If you are looking for solutions to the challenges you face as a restaurateur, contact us now to implement a faster, more efficient, and easier to use restaurant management system.

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