The Wonderful World of CRMs

Customer relationship management software systems, or CRMs, are systems used by businesses to help manage their communications with clients and customers. With many CRMs systems, businesses can analyze data from their customers and determine which campaigns will work best for their demographics. 

The general pricing for CRM systems tends to range based on the complexity of the software system a business will need. Some CRM companies base the pricing on the size of the business while others base the pricing on various add-ons a CRM can have given more metrics and insight for a business’s audience. 

There is a multitude of benefits businesses have seen from using CRM software. Businesses have found the use of CRM systems in organizing sales and customer information. Identifying leads from metrics and other data collected by the CRM is another helpful task. For the internal aspects of a business, owners have found CRM software helps to increase retention, manage workflow, improve products and services, engage steadier customer relationships.

Here are some of the top CRM systems:

  • Hubspot CRM
  • Salesforce CRM
  • ZoHo CRM
  • Pipedrive
  • Insightly
  • Keap
  • Less Annoying CRM

iMerchant contains a CRM system along with other metrics and dashboards to help with analyzing and creating various campaigns for businesses and ultimately customers. 

See how iMerchant’s CRM platform can help your business today!


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