Facial Masks For Fall

Fashion Face Masks for Fall : The Ultimate Guide

There are plenty of reasons to look for fashion face masks for fall that you love; the fact that they’re going to be around a while notwithstanding. The CDC recommends that we wear masks any time we’re not with our pod for months. Governors across the country have mandated wearing masks everywhere it’s not possible to stand at least six feet away from everybody else. (Many states even have fines – some will cart you off to jail.)

fashion face mask

A Fashion face mask is a must these days, better go for something beautiful

The world over, similar orders have been issued, however wearing face masks for fall really just makes sense now, on the assumption that you can pay for one. Or you are handy enough to do a diy face mask. Checking to see if your fashion face mask will be effective is key. So, at least for the near future, we’ll be wearing fashion face masks for fall to the grocery store, on walks and runs, and maybe even after the crisis recedes. Considering all of the mask selfies on Instagram, they may even become a fashion statement.

fashion face mask

Most of the fashion face masks for fall are made of cloth, especially the diy face mask; though, they are admittedly less effective. It’s best for our society to leave the N95 mask for first responders and health care workers. As, there’s still a shortage. Besides, the fashion world has been using masks for a while; even before Covid hit. Billie Eillish wore a Gucci diy face mask to the Grammys before the coronavirus was an epidemic. Fendi, Palm Angels, and Marine Serre have all made masks. Many fashion houses have turned their business into a mask-making operations for hospitals. And still others have offered online classes on how to make one on your own sewing machine.

fashion face mask

Still, most people are looking for masks they don’t have to make themselves. There’s been more than nine million searches on Etsy since the pandemic began. Supply there has also blown up, as the number of mask makers on the site increased thirty fold this year.

At least for the time being, masks aren’t a fashion accessory. However, they are the first thing you see and take up so much space on your face, so it’s not surprising that people are looking for cool ones. With that in mind, below is a selection of the most stylish to buy these days.

Choosing the Right Fashion Face Mask for You

There is a dizzying array of mask options. Choosing the right mask to suit the shape of your face is as important as picking the style you like.

Consider Your Style and the Shape of Your Face

Although the style world is still working out the details about what kind of fashion face masks for fall to wear based on the shape and style of your face, keeping in mind a few obvious tips while you search the vast and rapidly expanding selection will take you far. A point that can’t be taken too far is: you must wear a mask that fits your face. If your face is small, don’t let it get lost in something gynormous just because it’s cute. If your face is round, get something complimentary. An angular face should keep what mama gave ’em in mind while they hunt. Here’s a few more tips for shopping:


Surgical masks are perfect for smaller faces

If you have a face that appears smaller and thinner, larger masks can consume your entire face. To get an attractive look, go for a siimple mask, such as a surgical mask.


There are so many options for people who wear glasses. You should try to match the shape and colors of your mask to your glasses. It doesn’t matter whether you try out darker or lighter colors; you should coordinate that with your outfit and skin tone.


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For a darker, gothic look, go for a black mask with filter. They are a commitment, but will provide you with a fashionable outcome. Check out the options on the Passfeed marketplace.


HANDOUT IMAGE: Taylor Welden, a competitive beard champion, wears a mask over his facial hair. (Photo by Chris Martin)

Folks with a beard have a harder time than many. Consider checking out options that match your hair color. Your mask is supposed to cover your mouth and nose so, consider that the mask has to be able to accommodate the volume.


If you were blessed with strong facial features, your mask shouldn’t have to hide it! You can use a tighter fit to showcase what your maker gave ya. Since a tight fit happens to meet CDC guidelines, you’re doing a mitzvah by showing off your square jaw line. It just takes a little effort to complement your look.

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