Halloween Trends During the Covidpocalypse

Let us repeat: Halloween is not canceled this year. While in-person parties maybe out, socially distant trick-or-treating, watching 31 Days of Halloween, and eating all the candy safely from the comfort of your couch are fair game. And don’t forget the Halloween trends – we just might even be taking that to the next level this year because we need all the fun in our lives right now.

halloween trends

Not sure where to start when it comes to pandemic-friendly Halloween costumes, decor, and more? Obviously, Passfeed to the rescue. Passfeed just dropped their top 2020 Halloween items, and it’s loaded with hauntingly cute decor, kids costumes, and pumpkin-decorating accessories.

And since this year is far from normal, the list of ghoulish goodies reflects the changes we’re seeing this year. For example, can we interest you in a hauntingly cute hand-sanitizing sign to display in front of your self-serve candy bowl outside your porch? Or how about a custom invite for your neighborhood’s drive-by trick-or-treat parade? Obviously, we want them all.

halloween trends

Ahead, check out the best goodies from Passfeed to help you kick off your Halloween festivities for this already-haunting year.

If you’re already looking forward to Halloween, you’re not alone. Many people are already figuring out how to safely reimagine the beloved holiday for the “new normal.”

halloween trends

Costume Trends

In terms of costume trends, Halloween face masks, a seamless way to incorporate safety into costumes, have risen greatly in popularity. Also popular are recreations of popular 90s show looks like Friends. Finally, don’t forget your favorite super hero movies.

Similarly, many families are also opting to stay indoors this year and in search of Halloween pajamas. Plus, searches for accents to help people stand out on video chat calls have also seen an increase. You might want to remember to dress up the pooch!

Options for pets are endless and only limited by your imagination. Whether you go for a prepackaged costume for Fido or you DIY your way into doggie bliss, you will dazzle onlookers if you are sure to dress up the pup.

Halloween decor is among the most fun parts of the holiday – even if you opt out of trick or treating this year due to the covidpocalypse. Show off your Halloween credentials and lift the spirits of your neighborhood by going hard to show out! Seasonal decorative items dressing up your windows and porch will go far to sparkle up your hood.

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