Fashion Trends: Fall 2020

Fashion Trends: Fall 2020 – 10 Tips

Whether you invest in high ticket runway apparel from New York, Paris, Milan, or London fashion week from an establishment house or you stock your wardrobe with fast fashion pieces, fall has arrived and it’s time to geek out on the latest looks. Follow along with these 10 fashion trends for fall of 2020 and you’ll be set to walk like a supermodel; even for back to school.

Pantone’s color of the year is Turquoise. It’s made its way through fashion circles.

1) Ballet Flats are an essential item in the top Fall Fashion Trends 2020

Ballet flats are super hot for fall 2020. However, not all styles of ballet flats. The most fashionable ballet flats for 2020 are ballet flats with an ankle wrap or pointed toe ballet flats.

Fashion Trends: Fall 2020
Pointed toe ballet flats in turquoise belong on your essentials list

Whatever color you pick, the most important feature is that pointed toe. You could go for essential black. They’ll go with anything, whether sophisticated or casual, and will round out your fashion picks.

Fashion Trends: Fall 2020
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2) Dr Martens are back with a vengeance

Millennials and Gen Z are hot for 90s looks and have ushered in a strong demand for Dr Martens boots. You can pair them with your favorite street wear looks, which incidentally are very popular this fall. Combat boots were a hallmark of the 90s and promise to keep the comeback coming for several seasons more. So, they’re a great investment.

Fashion Trends: Fall 2020
90s style combat boots make your casual looks pop

When Dr Marten brand boots is out of your price range, worry not. You can still nail the look with a pair of combat boots. Little remembered was the variety worn in the 90s and you can represent by presenting an alternative look.

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3) Lace made a strong showing on the runways

From Givenchy to Dior and Prada, lace looks adorned the runways and fast fashion houses like Zara were quick to follow suit. Lace is a timeless classic so, investing in a designer dress may be a great investment. You’ll be able to wear it to cocktail parties for years to come.

Investing in a designer lace piece will bring years of stylish use

4) Always a favorite: fall 2020 fashion trends streetwear

Preppy fashion is staging a comeback, but it’s laden with style cues that hark back to 1990’s urban culture. Head-to-toe looks adopted from ’90s streetwear, along with traditional materials feel subversive in the current environment driven by loud graphics and logos.

Prep, trad, ivy league—no matter what you call it, it somehow always cycles back into fashion. And although born on college campuses and country clubs, the style has morphed over the years to not only become a staple of the privileged class but a hallmark of rebellious urban counterculture. Skaters and rappers have gravitated toward typical symbols of wealth, with allusions to yachting, skiing and other pursuits of leisure.

Streetwear is always in fashion and turquoise looks will keep you sharp

5) Printed skirts made a strong showing at fashion week

We are talking about trends here and you know your style. You can express your personality by wearing a striking print, like the ones shown on the runways around the world. Statement skirts are all about uniqueness and individuality. It’s the way you look, the way you act and the way you live. So, if you are a classic girl, who has a creative streak, then you might like to try on flowing asymmetric hem skirt. If you are a lady who thinks out-of-the-box, then you probably should try on rock and roll version what has a kind of 1970’s edgy glamour vibe or a cool leather skirt with layers or fringe. The statement skirt that really matters is something that breaks the monotony of life. There is no limit in clothes, so you better take a closer look at some big prints this season.

Fall 2020 means printed skirts aplenty

6) Jean Jackets Are a Score for the Ages

Fashion is cyclical but, the jean jacket never seems to go out of style. A mainstay of rock and roll culture, it has permeated fashion culture for decades and fall fashion trends 2020 are no exception. To nail the look, go for something with a vintage 90s effect including acid wash, tattered, and form fitting.

Jean jackets are a cultural mainstay

7) Metallic effect garments are the look to rock this year

Utilizing metallic shoes and apparel can be super tricky if you haven’t twerked them before. Elegant looks are especially difficult; metallic looks have their roots in 80s New Wave culture. But it’s pretty easy to pull it off if you know how to layer and drape your metallic pieces with non-metallic apparel.

Knowing how to mix it up can give you a fashionable, trendy look that can be worn any time of day or occasion.

Fashion Trends: Fall 2020
Metallic looks were especially in during fashion week and will stay on trend for years

8) Capes had a strong showing at most fashion houses

There’s clear message in the latest fashion: Capes aren’t just for wizards anymore. If you’re not sure you can show one out with a runway model’s confidence or twirl it like a Hollywood star at Met Gala’s red carpet, you’ve got about six months to practice throwing one over your shoulders without regard to silly self consciousness.

That’s because the style, one of the major takeaways of the catwalks at most major fashion houses, gained major traction on the fall fashion shows.

Fashion Trends: Fall 2020
Capes are not just for wizards anymore!

9) Tie Dye and Boho Chic are Holding Strong

Bohemian fashion is all about layering vintage looks with relaxed pieces, especially tie dye. Use this tendency to layer for your advantage during the colder months. Layering chunky sweaters and cardigans over long dresses, a thick wool cape over printed blouses, a maxi skirt over hot leggings, the options have no bounds.

Fashion Trends: Fall 2020
Layer tie dye looks with complimentary solids for a hip Boho Chic look

10)During the dark fall and winter months, bright colors are a must

Make a statement from the office to the cocktail party with your comrades in a bright getup this fall. A few pops of color brighten your day and raise your wardrobe instantly. No need to do traditional shades, try our something loud, such as blue or turquoise. Look for colors that best suit your skin tone and rock with full confidence. Add layers and props like a bold clutch bag and a pair of teal ballet slippers. There are so many options that allow you to stand apart from the masses.

Fashion Trends: Fall 2020
Bright colors, especially turquoise will keep you from being blue

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