10 Tips For A Coastal Style Dorm Room

Coastal Style is trending and we’ve all got the bug. From nautical themed accessories to blue hues in every shade and tone, once you’re hooked, you have to reel it all the way in. Knowing where to start is half the battle. Lucky for you, we’ve developed a handy checklist to guide your ship to harbor with back to school tips.

Checklist of Affordable Elements to Get the Look

1) A tropical themed tapestry is the backdrop you need

The bigger the better.

When you’re developing your look, you want to start with a solid foundation. Not only are tapestries hot for any style this season, a Coastal room really needs an ocean view. Go for a big tapestry to set the tone.

2) Fake palm leaves everywhere

Put them on the wall, in vases, on table tops.

Coastal latitudes show palm leaves in every glance. Our value shopping marketplace has you covered. You’ll want to dress your space with copious amounts of fake palm leaves. Order some on the Passfeed app today to get back to school deals.

3) Hanging plants are hot this year

Use them generously.

Hanging plants add a right touch. You will want to mix them up. Lots of succulents mixed with vines and creeping iveys will make your room pop.

4) Pink and teal are your friends

when you’re navigating a Coastal look.

You can not overuse pink. You can not overuse teal. When you mix them together using tons of throw pillows, your room really stands out. Don’t forget to use textures and tassels as much as you like, emphasis on much.

5) Solid pastel bed sheets are the backdrop to go for

Show off your love of teal, henney.

You won’t need to make your bed if your sheets are bomb. A solid pastel in teal or pink will give your room a pop even if you sleep too late and have to rush out to class before you finish your morning checklist.

6) All dorms this year must have string lights

we don’t make the rules.

Here we go with the string lights: you must have some. Not only do they add ambiance but, they’re just so cute. You could go for a string of plain Christmas lights or you’ll get bonus points if you choose some with a nautical motif. Either way, get some.

7) Repurposed wood goes everywhere

Use driftwood to make funky tables!

Driftwood is a mainstay of Coastal Style decor. You can literally just pick some up off the beach. Keep your eye out for interesting shapes and use it as a table base under a piece of glass that you can snag from the thrift shop.

8) Candles go everywhere

You get extra credit if you score nautical touches.

There’s nothing like a million candles to warm up a room. Use blue Ball glass jars and candle holders with rope or nautical themes to get across the finish line. Do not be shy, you can’t overdo candles.

9) You’ll be pleased with flamingo desk accessories

Be brave when using flamingos. The internet has a million desktop accessory options that will give a touch of whimsy while giving you a nifty place to store your Sharpies.

10) Quirky Coast Wall Decor adds the finishing touch

Whether you go for a wall sculpture or framed art, add interesting wall treatments as a finishing touch.

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