Back to School Guide: Ultimate List for Parents and Freshmen

It is back to college time. Check out these handy tips to make the move easy.

It is time to start college and you’re looking for back to school tips to make the transition easy. Therefore, we’ve compiled a handy back to school guide for parents and freshmen. So, we can help you get there all in one piece. Whether you’re flying or driving, you’ll find all you need in this useful Back to School Guide.

Tips to help you or your kids get and stay organized in college

Back to College Guide
Where to shop for dorm room essentials is the first step on the journey.

Picking a place to buy your kid’s dorm room essentials is the first step on the journey. So, we have some recommendations in our back to school guide for parents and freshmen. You may choose a brick and mortar or an eCommerce site but be sure to consider how you’ll get the merchandise to campus.

Back to College Guide
Choose an eCommerce platform with the right delivery options
  • Choose an eCommerce site that has special sections just for dorm room items but, be sure they’re styles you like
  • Pick a platform that shows delivery dates so you are sure to get your items at the right time
  • Select a site that will let you deliver to home or directly to school therefore you get your merchandise to the right spot
Back to College Guide
You need a list of essentials to get started your first semester

Every back to school guide for parents and freshmen needs a list of the things you need to bring to get started but, the information is hard to come by. The internet is full of lists but, you want a one stop solution. We’ve compiled these tips to help you find your way:

  • Twin Xlong sheets and blankets
  • Mattress topper for extra comfort
  • Mattress cover for hygiene
  • 3M double sided adhesive
  • Vacuum sealer and bags
  • Suitcase scale if you are flying

How you get to school determines what you will need to prepare

Back to College Guide
When determining what you need, consider if you’re flying or driving

Your needs will change based on whether you are flying to school and shipping your stuff or if you’re driving and bringing it with you. Following this back to school guide will help you keep in mind that you have to balance several factors. You may be schlepping your stuff across the country or across town, keep in mind how you’ll pack and move all of it. If you fly, you can’t go over the weight limit without adding significant additional cost. So, you may want to have your merchandise delivered directly to campus. If you drive, you can bring all of your stuff but, you will have space limitations to consider.

What to do if you’re flying

Have your stuff delivered straight to campus

If you’re flying, both space and weight are a premium. You want to minimize the volume and weight however you can. It will make more sense to have your things delivered to campus while following this back to school guide. Whether you buy all new stuff and have it shipped to the dorm or you bring things that you own already, it’s not cost efficient to check all of those bags. The price gets out of control really fast. Also, remember that stores will run out of merchandise so either shop early or use eCommerce. Shop early to be sure you get your first choice of all you need. We’ve compiled a list of shipping methods to help you decide how to get your stuff to campus.

What to do if you’re driving

Back to College Guide
Vacuum seal bags of clothes and blankets save valuable space for moving day

Be sure to get vacuum seal bags to save room. Vacuum seal bags are easy and convenient and they save so much room in your trunk. You can use them for clothes, pillows, blankets, and towels. Plus, if you drive, weight isn’t as much of a concern so, you could probably bring more of your things. Boxes are your friend so, be sure to grab several.

Here’s a list of products you’ll need:

Back to College Guide
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You will need special sheets for your dorm room bed. They are a standard extra long twin. If you want to know how to get a Boho Chic, Coastal Style, Farmhouse Style, or if you’re a guy, check out our blog posts with essentials checklists. Cotton sheets are the most comfortable and are softer than the alternatives and the thread count really matters. Choose three hundred thread count or more. You should go for two sets so you can be a little lazy about keeping up with the laundry. (It’s inevitable. Everybody does it. You’ll be so busy with friends and activities that you’ll just forget sometimes that your hamper is full).

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You’re going to need a really good pillow to sleep well the few hours of sleep you’ll get between classes and going out with friends. We suggest a contoured memory foam pillow. They are more comfortable and there’s a place for you to nestle your head to avoid a stiff neck. If you’re flying instead of driving, don’t forget to take it on the plane to save space and weight. Plus if you have it on the plane, you can rest your head on the tray table. (That’s a pro tip. You nap better that way.)

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Since dorm rooms are very small, your choice of blanket or duvet has an out-sized and big influence on the vibe of the space so, choose carefully. You may want a dark cavernous room or something light and fun, be sure to pick the blanket that shows off your personality and style. You might go for a duvet but, don’t forget that you’ll need to pick up a comforter, too. Or maybe you want a blanket because duvets have a tendency to separate while you sleep.

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If you are going to school by plane, don’t forget that extra weight really adds up to be a budget buster. Get one of these handy suitcase scales to tell you exactly how much your luggage weighs to avoid unexpected fees and charges. Once you have vacuum sealed your clothes, they will weight a lot more because you can fit so much in a tight space. This tool is really an essential. You’ll use it throughout college as you fly back and forth to home to retrieve your seasonal clothes. Be sure to only bring sweaters when you leave home and don’t forget one heavy coat. When you go home for winter break, you can fetch your spring and summer clothes for when the weather gets warmer. You don’t have to bring everything with you when you leave home.

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Whether you’re flying or driving, having some really great luggage will make it easier to move. Choose something cost efficient as well as durable so it doesn’t break the bank or fall apart prematurely. You’ll want to be sure it has wheels, too because you’ll really need several and who could carry several huge suitcases all by themselves. Selecting dark colors means it will last longer without looking rugged.

Where can you find all the things you’ll need?

Starting out at college is a whole new world. Most of the things you’ve had and used in your high school life need to be replaced with stuff that will be more useful in your brand new adventure. There’s so much volume of new items that you will want to find a value shopping option to make all of your purchases as affordable as possible. Who doesn’t like saving money, huh?

There are many options out there but, you should download and try the Passfeed app. It is America’s best super app. Passfeed combines a virtual wallet that you can use to send money to your friends after a night out when you forgot your cash or transfer money from your parents when you’re running low and need a boost. Parents can even get easy credit with our PayLater product and pay for your purchases in four monthly installments.

Passfeed also has an eCommerce platform with thousands of products that you can have delivered to your home or dorm. The merchandise in the marketplace are priced very competitively. You’re sure to find the best deals out there. Download the Passfeed app now.

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