Tassel Time : Ten Tasty Home Decor Touches

We know you. You’re like us.

Our shared love of tassels – attached all over pillows, blankets, curtains, and pretty much any-darn-where we please – makes a good decorating scheme great. Let’s mouthwater together as we check out The Ten Tassel Touches that will tantalize your guests and tempt your Instagram stans.

1) Tassels on textiles thrown over

well, everything

Decorating with tassels is a time-honored practice but, this season, they’re everywhere and we’re here for it. Whether you buy or DIY, you really have to put ’em on everything.

“Dang! All these tassels are making me hungry!”

Kim Kardashian

2) Jute tassels added to Coastal Style spaces bolster nautical themes

Passementarie is the art which includes tassel-making. Originally used at the ends of ropes to prevent fraying, by the 16th century, tassels, pom-poms, galoons, rosettes, and gimps were a full-fledged artistic practice recognized by the organization of the Guild of Passementiers in France. But, you don’t even have to be crafty to get this look!

3) Tassel-making is easy

Just wrap wrap, tie tie, snip snip and you’re ready to go

If you’re the DIY type, you can create your own tassel art. You simply make a few loops, tie a couple of strategic knots, cut the ends and you’re ready to set your creativity free.

4) Tassels are a highly respected fiber art practice

Show them as a wall sculpture.

Showing tassels as a fiber art piece adds a finishing feminine touch to your already great space. Fiber art is in this season, update your look and give in to your obsession.

5) You can buy ready-made tassels to DIY your decor projects on the Passfeed app

Passfeed is an e-commerce marketplace where you can find super inexpensive stuff that you love, shipped straight to your home. Download the Passfeed app or check out the website now to find tassel touches for your decorating project.

6) Giant tassels on blankets anchor your coastal look with a maritime history reference

If your style is Coastal, you have a good reason to indulge (but, who needs more reasons, really?) With a long history of tassels in the maritime arts, you can tell your friends your tassel obsession has roots. It’s just science!

7) Tassels on lampshades

Yes. Exactly. We feel the same.

We vex over lampshades, don’t we? They’re so hard to find and the good ones are so expensive. Sure you can pick up a bargain at Target but, then everybody has the same thing. Add some tassels to lampshades to make your look distinctive.

8) Arabesque tassels on floor cushions are the perfect Boho touch

There are tons of ready-made tassel looks on the market these days and we spotted these Arabesque floor cushions. They made us think: What were we even doing all of those times we used something else in that spot?

9) Tassels in lighting will set your space apart

For a Boho twist, use tassels in hanging lights. Whether you add them to string lights, create pendants, or buy tassel-clad sconces, tassels + lighting = enlightenment.

10) Historic tassels add a touch of glamour to dull spaces

Check out this perfect placement. Whether you add tassels to a tapestry and toss it over your sofa or buy a blanket and do the same, throwing textiles over furniture adds the right touch.

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