Back to School Deals: Handy Checklist for a Guy’s Dorm

Decorating a guy’s dorm room is a sensitive topic. It shouldn’t look over-designed but, it should have some subtle style. Sticking with this handy list will get the look without going too far. For back to school tips, follow the checklist we’ve created just for you. To find these deals, look at our value shopping marketplace and download the Passfeed app now.

1) Display your favorite sports jersey

One of our top back to school tips is: use a sports jersey as wall decor. Dorms are tiny and there’s not much space so take up a little room on your wall with your favorite. Oh yeah, framing is optional.

2) Go for a leather trunk

Living in a shared, very small room takes some getting used-to. Every item you place should have a dual-purpose whenever possible. A storage trunk serves as both decor and handy, needed storage. Use dark colors or leather wherever possible.

3) A leather funky desk chair is essential

You’ll need a desk chair and there are styles a’plenty. From dark, weathered leather to those with stainless steel appointments, add a funky desk chair to your back to school list.

4) A vintage flag on the wall looks great

Crafting a masculine look hinges on striking the right balance between new, sleek objects and vintage pieces. Use up the rest of your wall space with a weathered flag in a picture frame.

5) Buy a couple of sets of black & white striped sheets

Do not forget that you’ll need XL twin sheets. If you have more than one set, you can procrastinate doing laundry for twice as long. Be sure to get sheets with black & white stripes to round out the look for the room.

6) Black & grey pillows complete the look

Pillows are not just for girl’s rooms. You need them for comfort but also to impress potential partners with your mature aesthetic sense. If you buy a couple pairs of dark pillows, especially dark gray or black, they serve as a visual anchor.

7) Use a rustic, exposed shoe rack

There won’t be enough room for shoes without a shoe rack unless you don’t mind piles of shoes in the corner. Nobody deserves that fate. You’ll need a lot of space for sneakers so, get yourself a rustic wood shoe rack.

8) Grey and white storage bins are a must

Squeezing dual purpose storage into every nook possible is your success strategy. These storage solutions provide a handy table top surface while also giving you lots of places to store your stuff.

9) A dark, masculine rug completes the look

You don’t want your toes to get cold on those hard concrete floors. Be sure to dress your room with a dark, masculine rug. Whether deep pile or a tightly woven texture, black and grey are a solid mainstay.

10) Dark colored blankets are important

Finally, your blanket. Because dorm rooms are so small, the blanket with which you cover your bed takes up a lot of the visual field. So, you want to put a lot of attention on getting it right. You should use either a heavy texture or print in dark colors.

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