2020 Holiday Shopping Tips

As we draw near to the holiday season, we face a new way of life we never thought to see before. With the switch almost an entire digital space, there will be new tips for helping the normally in-person holiday shopper into a digital shopping nomad. 

Follow these tips to help with your 2020 digital holiday shopping journey:

-Shop small local businesses: Many small local businesses in your area hold many niche items that cannot be found in popular shopping sites or large malls. Helping your local community will be another added bonus to this. 

-Follow a budget: Setting and sticking to a budget during the holiday season will help avoid overspending or even getting stuck with a less than thoughtful gift. Once your budget is secure, make a list of those whom you want to gift and figure out their favorite items or hobbies to focus the gifts around. 

-Take advantage of free shipping and/or coupons: Major online shopping sites are starting their holiday deals earlier than previous years. Be sure to update all applications and sign up for email subscriptions to plan out all possible deals and free shipping opportunities. Many retails may have daily to bi-weekly deals available for use. Also check into website extensions such as Honey for more coupons. 

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-Secret Gifting event: Preparing a secret gifting event such as Secret Santa can also help in providing gift giving to friends and family with a smarter approach. The range a secret gifting event allows for all involved limits the amount of gift to purchase while in some cases allows you to give a gift the person truly wants. 

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