Online learning for kids

Online Learning for Kids at Home: Room Transformations

Is it safe to send kids back to school? With the pandemic continuing to disrupt every aspect of our lives, it is fair to assume that this is the year of online learning for kids, even if only during occasional quarantine after exposure. With that in mind, we’ve created a guide to help you turn any space into a classroom.

Some things to keep in mind before you get started

  • Plan a schedule: Many children respond positively to a schedule and if yours do, make one! Not all kids need a schedule to get their work done, but having structure helps kids stay focused. They’ll stay focused on their tasks and get more done if they know what to do next.
  • Make things clear: Set boundaries with your kids while you’re working. As an example, when you’re on the phone, make sure they know to be quiet.
  • You will be interrupted: It is easier to say “Plan your work & work your plan,” than to actually do it. Not everything will go the way you expect, expect that. Working at home with children is much different than working at the office with your co-workers. When you plan for interruptions, it is less likely than you will be thrown off course by them.
  • Plan play time: Having sufficient play time is essential to kids’ learning and keeping toys and activities nearby that they can do during breaks will help them stay focused when necessary.
  • Important things first: Doing the hard stuff early is a good technique for getting through the day! Make time to do the hardest stuff before they’re awake. Complete your most pressing tasks of the day early on, so you have achieved the prime tasks if things take you off course.
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectations: It’s not normal to work, baby-sit, and home school! You may not get everything you’d like to done, but that’s okay! The most important thing is that you are showing up everyday, not only for your work, but for your family.
Online learning for kids
A home office makes easy double-duty with the right gear

Use your home office as a place of online learning for kids

Doubling up as a remote worker and a home school teacher takes some planning. Not only do you have to keep your eye on lessons but also juggle zoom calls and spreadsheets; it’s no easy task. Plan to make life easier by keeping your kids within arm’s reach. Who knows, maybe they’ll do something hilarious and unexpected in the background that turns you into a TikTok super star

One of the keys to success in blending remote work and virtual learning is thinking ahead.

Tips for your home office classroom

You should keep snacks and drinks nearby. The last thing you need while you’re working is hungry kids asking for some juice. If you have a snack station within easy reach, they can grab what they need without getting in the way.

online learning for kids
These handy drink holders don’t take up desk space

Keep in mind that you’re working in a dual-use classroom and add playful touches to make your children feel like they’re in a learning setting. Stocking up on cute accessories and adding some child-centric decor will help them adjust. Think about how adorable the teacher keeps the room at school and you’ll find some inspiration.

online learning for kids
Placing a few child-focused decorative items and tools will help them adjust

Teaching kids about how to organize a space is a skill that will serve them for a lifetime. Allowing for playful touches in the organizational scheme by picking tools that help you stay coordinated turn it into a game.

Kid friendly products make learning organization a game

Incorporate a mini table with kid-size chairs. Pick out a style that matches the aesthetic of your own home office. You can never go wrong with a simple desk and chairs. To jazz up the desk, could paint it a sophisticated color to match the vibe of your office.

Adding a small desk will give them their own space to work

Transforming a bedroom into a virtual learning place

If they are old enough to stay on task without as much supervision, you may want to consider transforming their bedroom into a place for online learning for kids. Older kids may be tempted to lay in bed on their laptop all day but, sleep experts don’t recommend this practice. Additionally, having all of the necessary tools at hand is a consideration but, there may not be much space. So, we’ve compiled some ideas about how to turn a bedroom into a multipurpose work room.

Dual use bedrooms are becoming the norm

Preparing the space can keep good work habits

Giving in to the temptation to blur the lines between work and play is one of the hazards of making a classroom out of a bedroom but, you can help them stay on task if you divide up the space. Whether you do a DIY solution or you buy something ready made, we recommend a room divider to keep activities where they belong.

Shelves can break up a space nicely

Although shelves make a great room divider, especially in a Boho Chic room, sometimes there’s just not enough floor space. In those cases, consider something as simple as curtains to section-off a study space. They can provide a nice decorative touch while creating room to study.

Curtains are great for creating a dedicated study area

Whether you are home schooling teenagers or younger children, making your home environment comfortable for virtual learning is key. There are so many products you’ll want to set them up for success. Whether you’re seeking school supplies or organizational gear, you’ll find what you need in our value shopping marketplace. The Passfeed app has thousands of bargains on these essentials. Download it now.

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