Introducing: iMerchant by Passfeed, An All-in-One Platform for Restaurant Management & Contactless Payments

Passfeed is changing the game for restaurants with our all-inclusive system that truly enhances your business. Simply put, we get it. Let us help your restaurant drive more sales, grow your bottom line, and get noticed, all while skipping the fees and seeing your hard-earned funds in your bank instantly. Our revolutionary RMS platform ties together the best products the hospitality and online payment industries have to offer and combines them in a harmonious, easy to use cloud-based solution uniquely designed to serve you and your customers.

80% of restaurants are utilizing various types of technologies to aid them in running their business more efficiently. Examples of such include tools for online reservations, ordering, inventory and analytics. Whether you’re a local, independent restaurant, or part of a larger restaurant group, our RMS platform serves all restaurant types! iMerchant is truly one-of-a-kind because we provide an all-in-one service to boost your efficiency, pay you instantly, give your customers flexibility, and help you reach the most consumers.

The iMerchant Features:

  • In-App and Off-App QR Code Micro Menus
  • Contactless Ordering System 
  • Kitchen Display System (KDS) 
  • QR Code Checkout and Payment Technology
  • Your Restaurant Featured in the Restaurant Section of the Passfeed App

We offer everything you need to protect your staff, your customers, your wallet and the future of your business during these uncertain times. Our fully integrated ordering and payment processing system will position your business to be on the forefront of restaurant technology with QR Code Payment Processing and a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service known as PayLater.

How it works:

95% of restaurant owners saw an increase in their business efficiency by embedding technology into their operation. At Passfeed, we like technology, and we do it well. We’ve seen great success in the e-commerce and fintech world, and now we’re revolutionizing the restaurant world with no fees*, instant transfers, and one ecosystem to cover your essential business functions and more. Get started with 90 days free and no commitment! Go visit

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