How to Make New Years’ 2021 Safe & Affordable

With the annual New year’s celebration right around the corner, many people will face the decision as to how to make the evening fun but safe for all those invited. The host will also find the evening may be very expensive to plan. 

To help with the planning and preparation stage of New Year’s celebration here are a few tips to help with having a fun, safe, and affordable night:

Reuse old decorations or DIY your own: Still have decorations from previous year’s celebrations? Revamp those items with some new sparkles or colors and use them again for this year. Another option for decorations would be to DIY your own for example creating personalized drinking cup covers to help with safety of knowing who drank from which cup. YouTube is a great source of DIY decoration ideas and how to videos!

Attend another person’s event: This tip may be the greatest way to save during the New Year. Attending a safe and trusted friend’s event will help avoid any spending of money and having to clean up afterward. Celebrating with those in your social bubble is the best practice during these times and will still guarantee a great time.

Use money-saving apps: There are many money-saving apps available to assist in the party planning extravaganza! Apps like iBotta help with cashback from everyday purchases. Even if you plan to attend another person’s event, check out the SurgeProtector before getting your Uber ride home as rides are known to experience a price surge during this time. 

Switch up the party time or location: Consider changing the time of the party to either before or after the ball drop or even hosting the party outdoors depending on the weather. Guests can arrive early for a pre-celebration dinner and leave separately before midnight or can arrive closer to midnight for a more intimate gathering to bring in the new year. Although some areas may be cold, hosting the event outdoors can be a change in scenery and a way to get fresh air circulating to keep everyone safe. 

Buy drinks in bulk: Shop discount liquor stores and ask an employee if there are any additional savings with bulk purchasing. Another great savings tip would be to buy Prosecco rather than champagne. Prosecco is a Italian sparkling wine with the same taste as champagne; it generally costs $12 whereas champagne starts at $40. 

New Year’s kiss rule: The best way to keep the tradition of the New Year’s kiss would be to do so with a person that is within your household.

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