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The fintech industry is starting to see a huge increase since 2018 with a staggering growth of 120% reaching $111.8 billion within that year. The rise of fintech business has also increased since 2019, there were 5,779 new start-up businesses in February of that year in the United State alone. The industry is expected to grow to a market value of about $6 trillion by this year, 2021, with many financial institutions believing their business to be cut down due to fintech advances. 

With the considerable high increase of business in this industry, many owners are looking for various tips and tricks to make their company meet the needs of various industries or to find their unique niche market brand. Here are some very important tips for business owners to use while establishing their brand:

Optimize for mobile: With everything becoming more and more digital creating a website or application that can be accessed by mobile is the best way to make sure your clients will always be connected to your business.

Invest in quality IT: Being sure to host your website and client’s information on secure and sound websites and the software will be key to providing a smooth and quality service. Having a website or software that is prone to glitching or failures especially while your client is operating their business will lead to many negative reviews.

Create a Seamless, Automated plan: The execution of the onboarding process for clients should run exactly how the title suggests: seamless and automated. Having easy to follow and automated systems to assist clients when you may not be logged on will always show your business can provide technical support at any time of the day or night. Being reliable to a client is always helpful to know. 

Listen to your audience: Engaging with and listening to your target audience or market will always help with guiding your business to the next level. Whether you will communicate with your audience through social media or website comments, take head to their suggestions which will help make both your business and the client’s business run smoothly. Be sure to also educate your clients; whether it is from financial blog posts to social media content in the form of videos or photos, including your clients in the conversations about the fintech industry will keep them engaged. 

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