10 Steps to Getting the Farmhouse Look

If you’re out there in internet world searching for tips for creating the best Farmhouse Dorm on campus, you have found what you’re searching for. To make your life easy, we have done all the work to compile an essentials list for you to follow to dream dorm land for back to school 2020.

Dorm Room Essentials Checklist

1) Beige fiber wall art is your friend

Beige fiber wall art is your friend

Go for something simple.

We love fiber art so, we’re thrilled it’s in style this season. You’re going to want to pick up at least one piece to add texture to your wall. Be sure to go for monochromatic beige.

2) White washed wood storage gives a decorative touch

White washed wood storage gives a decorative touch

Also adds storage to your small space.

Tiny spaces require creative storage solutions. A trunk in a dorm is as essential as a laptop in class – you can’t do without one. Choose something white washed to get across the finish line.

3) Linen bedding is your absolute must

Linen bedding is your absolute must

Make it beige or grey to nail the look.

Because your duvet takes up so much of the visual field in a tiny dorm room, your bedding is a main course. Dress up your room with a beige or grey comforter. Actually, add some urgency – you have to use linen.

4) Textured beige throw pillows can be used everywhere

Textured beige throw pillows can be used everywhere

Not just on your bed.

Do not be shy about pillows. Not only do they add a comfortable, cavern-like warmth to an otherwise uncomfortable space but, they also add layers and texture for visual interest. You can’t over-use beige in a Farmhouse room. Fortunately for you, we have tons of great deals on pillows in our value shopping marketplace. Download the Passfeed app to find back to school deals.

5) We are expertly suggesting white sheets

They go great under that linen duvet.

While beige, beige everywhere is the mantra of the Farmhouse aficionado, we’re going to intervene on the sheets. Go for white to add layer and depth to your opulent bed. We say opulent because we know you followed our advice and got lots and lots and lots of pillows.

6) Every farm has galvanized steel

Get the look by adding wall decor.

Whether a watering trough for cattle or a steel roof top on a shed, every farm has lots of galvanized steel. Take a visual hint from a real farmhouse and add a few pieces for decorative authenticity.

7) Beige monogrammed everything

Monogram pillows, blankets, and towels.

Do not be shy. Use monograms everywhere. Put them on pillows, blankets, and towels. Not only does a monogram make it clear that the towel in your friend’s hamper belongs to you but, they’re a staple on farms everywhere.

8) You must have a jute rug

Whether rough hewn or tightly woven, go for one.

Jute rugs add a pop of nature. They come in rough hewn styles as well as tightly woven looks. It doesn’t matter which you go for just be sure to grab one to get the look right.

9) Wreaths are hot. Go for dried or evergreen

Hang one on your wall for the perfect touch.

Wreaths are not just for Christmas time. With a million varieties available, don’t be shy about choosing your favorite. Just be sure to do the thing.

10) You can’t do without barnwood accents

We love mirror and picture frames.

Of all the decorative touches required in a Farmhouse dorm, barnwood is the biggest no duh. You can’t do without a few pieces. We love barnwood framed mirrors and art. But, you might also add jewelry boxes and other appointments.

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