10 Tips for a Boho Chic Dorm

You know your dorm has to be bomb but you’re not sure where to start. Lucky for you, we’ve consulted the Dorm Room Gods and developed a handy must-have checklist. In our value shopping marketplace, you can get the look for less. Download the Passfeed app now and get everything you need to have the coolest Boho Chic dorm room on campus! Get back to school deals!

Checklist of Affordable Elements for Your Boho Chic Dorm

1) Banana leaf tapestries are a hot item this year

Banana leaf tapestries
Get one to nail the look.

We are here to tell it like it is. You have to have a banana leaf tapestry. Not only will it provide a striking backdrop to your masterpiece, but it will make you happy inside.

2) Off white storage trunks are both decorative and provide handy storage

Off white storage trunks

You really think you’re prepared for small. But, your dorm is even smaller than you think. It takes some serious creativity to maximize the space and a trunk is an absolute must. Do yourself a favor and invest in an off-white vintage trunk – because they’re cute and they make storage like magic.

3) Graphic pillows will do the trick

Dorm's personality

Your dorm is all about showing off your unique personality. Get a couple of graphic pillows that say things that matter. Be sure to grab a couple with your initials, too!

4) Pink pillows are a must for a Boho Chic look

Pink pillows
Grab a couple with a distinctive texture.

Layers, layers, layers of texture and color define the look. You really have to have a few sets of pink throw pillows. When you’re doing it right, you’ve got to mix up the textures. Go for shag and use tassels generously.

5) Solid pastel bed sheets are an anchor that you can’t do without

Solid pastel bed sheets are an anchor that you can't do without

Do not forget XL Twin bed sheets. You can’t over-use pink but, to be daring, add a layer of lilac, lavender, or even a light, warm grey.

6) You have to have string lights

You have to have string lights
This is not negotiable.

Every Bohemian space has string lights and yours must, too. They’re so essential to the look that you can hardly call a room Boho if they’re absent. Whether you go for Christmas tree lights or something more decorative, festoon generously to nail the style.

7) Plants are hot

Plants are real hot
Use them everywhere.

You need the look but, you don’t have a lot of time for maintenance. Plants are everywhere this year but, let’s not pretend like they’re not a lot of work. Use our little trick instead of loading yourself down with too much responsibility: hang faux plants. Your friends will be impressed while being none-the-wiser.

8) This will make or break you

We can’t stress the need for heavy patterned curtains enough.

Whether a patchwork pattern, a quilted look, or South Asian print, big colorful curtains are an essential anchor for a Boho Chic room. Don’t be afraid to layer them with your string lights!

9) Shaggy rugs with pastels and colorful patterns are a must

You can not overdo patterns, colors, or textures in a Bohemian space. Go forth and be daring – pick up one or two shaggy rugs with pastel patterns or bold colors. Don’t forget: you can’t overdo pink.

10) Rattan mirrors are white hot right now.

Get several.

As a finishing touch: mirrors. You’re going to need several in varying sizes and shapes and if you can find a rad vintage selection, good on you. But, to be the ruler of all dorm rooms everywhere, you really need rattan.

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